The guy’s from ACES are actually from all over the world.

Eric, lead singer and on guitar is from Suriname, Steve, solo guitar and also singer is from the UK, Aldo, bass player,  from Indonesia and Cees on drums from NL.

The start was Eric and Steve found out they had a musical vibe together. They recorded some songs. “ In the beginning we had such a revival thing in our mind  “ Eric remembers.

But when Cees came along and started drumming, immediately we both thought…..” Cool man, that’s what we need”!

With Aldo, who is actually a funk bass player, it appeared that this combination worked very well on a creative way. It gave the band that melodic special groove what up until know determines how the band sounds on their tracks.

In 2016 ACES was proclaimed by winning Gigstarter “ band of the year “!

Then a number of festivals and band clashes were won, which led to for example following comment of the jury;

“The sound that ACES can make is frankly insane, incredible goosebumps kind of music. Very rich tonally, they know exactly who plays what role and no sounds step on each other, fantastic !!

Stage presence; I’ve seen all to many bands that play great but look like doing their taxes on stage. These guy’s are different, when they play they use every inch of the stage”.

Jury member Adam Hoek

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